About Us

Our Mission

At Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC, our mission is to train law abiding, like-minded people in the safe and effective use of firearms and tactics for self- defense. We ask that each student comes into each of our classes with an open mind to our style of training, in hope that they can take away what is useful and what works best for each of them.



Cory Jackson

Cory Jackson is the Co-founder of Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC, he is also a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Cory has had around 100 hours of training each year from some of the top instructors around the United States. What is unique about Cory is that he has been constantly training over the past 13 years and although he is an instructor he tries his best to be a constant student and continue to learn. Cory's training style has derived from the classes he has taken by picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.
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Erika Maxwell

Erika Maxwell is the Co-founder of Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC she is also a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and pistol and rifle instructor. For the past few years Erika has trained under Cory for hours upon hours each week, learning his style and technique. In addition she has traveled to many other instructors courses around the United States, training over 100 hours this year alone. Erika is a competent handler of firearms and is very capable of instructing students on the basics and fundamentals of safe and proper firearm handling. She will be holding a Women's Only CCW class where she hopes to introduce more women into firearms.
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Steve Winenger

Steve served in the US Army from 2001-2013, he went through Basic training and Infantry School at Sand Hill, Ft Benning GA.  While in the Army Steve completed two tours in Iraq and ETS'd as SSG.

Steve was hired onto the Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) in January of 2007. In 2010 Steve became a law enforcement instructor, certified through Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as a General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor and S.T.O.P.S. Instructor. Steve is also a Field Training Officer (FTO) with IUPD and has been a member of the Bloomington CIRT (SWAT) team since 2011 after completeing SWAT school. 

Steve is currently volunteering his spare time as an RSO for Range Time.


Kyle Diethrich

Kyle has served in the US Army as a Combat Medic for eight years. He deployed to Afghanistan from 2009-2010 and is currently a Sergeant in the Army Reserve. Kyle is the instructor for the Army Reserve Medic Skillys Training Course, where he trains soliders in medical safety skills and trauma management. Kyle also works as an Occupational Therapist at a local rehabilitaion facility.

Kyle is passionate about self defense and firearm safety and emphassizes the importantance of incorporating general life saving skills into the courses at Range Time.

Kyle's experience covers a wide area of responsibilites and his real life experiences have allowed him to acquire the necessary skills to educate the students of the Medicals Skills course how to render aid in high stress situations.