About Us

Our Mission

At Range Time-Tactical Shooting, LLC, our mission is to train law abiding, like-minded people in the safe and effective use of firearms and tactics for self- defense. We ask that each student comes into each of our classes with an open mind to our style of training, in hope that they can take away what is useful and what works best for each of them.



Cory Jackson

Cory Jackson is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and a pistol and rifle instructor. Since he was medicallly discharged from the Army in 2001 for a pre- exsisting heart condition, Cory has had around 100 hours of training each year from some of the top instructors around the United States. What is unique about Cory is that he has been constantly training over the past 13 years and although he is an instructor he tries his best to be a constant student and continue to learn. Cory's training style has derived from the classes he has taken by picking and choosing what works best for him and his students.
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Erika Maxwell

Erika Maxwell is a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and pistol and rifle instructor. For the past few years Erika has trained under Cory for hours upon hours each week, learning his style and technique. In addition she has traveled to many other instructors courses around the United States, training over 100 hours this year alone. Erika is a competent handler of firearms and is very capable of instructing beginner shooters on the basics and fundamentals of safe and proper firearm handling. She will be holding a Women's Only CCW class where she hopes to introduce more women into firearms.
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Samuel Cummins

Sam is the Range Safety Officer here at Range Time. He served 4 years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps and did one combat deployment to Iraq in 2007. After taking his first class from Cory, along with many one on one sessions he followed that up with Fighting Pistol and Fighting Rifle from Tactical Response. His civilian training on top of his military experience makes him an asset to have on the range helping to maintain a safe learning environment for all the students. After more training, he hopes to become an instructor and share his passion for firearms and training with everyone.